It is more than ten years ago that we started the difficult journey in the dog food and cat food business. When I look back, it seems a relatively short time ago. And sometimes it seems to me that it lasted a whole 100 years.As is often the way in life, in my case the idea came about more-or-less by chance. It was the “fault” of our dog Vincent, who was a fussy eater with sensitive digestion. He “forced” me to get interested in dog food and to start to look for a good one. My attention was grabbed from the very beginning and I decided to import our first pet food brand—Artemis.

Through other brands and other products for dogs and cats in a relatively short time we reached a stage where we wanted to do more than just import and sell pet food. Although the pet food we imported was very high quality, we still felt its shortcomings. We therefore decided to create our own pet food —Marp.

Marp was our first brand and we think of it as our first child. Lots of retailers helped us launch it, they got right behind it and actively sold it, which I don’t stop being grateful to them for. Relatively soon after Marp, we created the Doxneo brand. Our aim was to create an a pet food that had a top-quality composition, high-quality ingredients and was functional. When developing pet food, we genuinely deal with each ingredient in the composition, so we achieve the optimum balance. In my many years I have encountered a whole number of pet food that have a good composition, but don’t work for some reason. Therefore, our priority was to create a pet food with both a top-quality composition and great functionality. Thanks to our own brand, we stopped having any limitations and can freely “create” products that make sense to us. And we are very pleased about the feedback we get from customers. We are really pleased when we see how your dogs and cats live when they are eating our pet food. We would never create a product that we could not give to our dogs—that is our standard, which is non-negotiable for us.

In our range you can find other products that do not bear our brand, but that we exclusively supply to the Czech market—the aforementioned Artemis pet food, Italian Almo Nature dog food and cat food, Italian tins from the manufacturer VBB (Kippy and Healthy), as well as cleaning products under the Simply Solution brand and new Canadian Intersand cat litter. They are brands that are among the best in their field and we are happy to offer them.

For us, sales were always about more than just numbers. We are pleased about every new product, we are pleased about every satisfied customer. We are not an investment project and we are not owned by any fund.We are pleased that we have created a team that handles the whole operation of the company. Our whole team is linked by love of animals. We do this work primarily because we love them.


Martin Pučálka Martin Pučálka – owner

Martin Pučálka

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