Dry food for dogs

Functional recipes with a top composition without cereals. In the spirit of a holistic / natural concept, our feeds contain a wide range of herbs - we believe that connecting with nature is the right way to go.

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Canned food for dogs

Doxneo cans contain only meat, vegetables, broth and minerals. They are completely free of cereals, chemical preservatives or by-products. They contain 92% meat, offal and broth.

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Krmivo bez obilovin

Cereal - free feed

We developed the Doxneo feed concept based on our customers' requirements for a grain-free feed that will be functional and at the same price as regular grain feeds. Doxneo feed is the younger brother of our Marp feed, which we created a few years before Doxneo.

Recent trends in animal nutrition show that cereals are responsible for a number of different complications that cause different digestive problems. It may not always be a matter of allergies, but quite often we encounter hypersensitivity to these raw materials.

But the feed should certainly meet more conditions than just being without cereals. There are also differences between feeds without cereals. And not only in composition, but mainly in how they are functional. And functionality should be the main evaluation factor.

Složení krmiva Doxneo

The composition of Doxneo feed

The composition of Doxneo feed is relatively simple - one main source of animal protein - a recipe with duck, lamb or turkey, one secondary source of animal protein - fish. Fats are represented by salmon oil in combination with vegetable fats, thanks to which the feed has a really perfect ratio of omega 3 and 6 unsaturated fatty acids.

As the main source of carbohydrates, the feed is dominated by potatoes, which are very easily digestible and do not have allergic reactions to them like ordinary cereals. The food is supplemented with a good portion of herbs, which help the immune system and improve the functioning of the whole organism of the dog.

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Krmivo bez obilovin

Natural feed without chemistry

It goes without saying that the feed is preserved only with a strong natural mixture of tocopherols and citric acid. Thanks to its simple and balanced composition, Doxneo feed is really functional. You can recognize it on your dog by three factors - palatability, coat quality and vitality.

Taste is often the alpha and omega of all feeds. Even if the food has an excellent composition and the dog will not eat it, you will not do anything about it.

Thanks to the optimal ratio of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and flaxseed, your dog will have a top coat. Thanks to a sufficient amount of animal protein and high digestibility, your dog will have enough energy and will be vital.

Doxneo Fresh

New line of Doxneo feed - Doxneo Fresh

In 2018 and 2019, we launched another line of Doxneo feed - Doxneo Fresh, which contains a combination of fresh and dried meat. Thanks to the combination of fresh and dried meat, we are able to technologically supply even more meat and more palatability to the feed. As the last two recipes so far, we have launched single-protein recipes with lamb and salmon - these recipes are the most suitable for hypersensitive dogs.

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